San Francisco City System Administrator convicted of stealing passwords from WAN network

Original author: David Kravets
  • Transfer reports :

“After 6 months of the trial, the San Francisco City System Administrator was found guilty of an offense to seize a city computer network.

Terry Childs, 45, was accused of blocking a city's fiber optic network through which city email, payroll, police records, prisoner information, etc. - almost all the activities of the city administration.

Childs was arrested in July 2008 after he refused to give out passwords to the city WAN network, which he illegally took control of. San Francisco jurors pondered the verdict for a week.

The childs release pledge was set at $ 5 million, which is five times higher than for those accused of murder, because the authorities are afraid that if he is released, he can permanently lock the system and erase all data (here are idiots !, approx. transl.).

The urban optical WAN-network is a part of the backbone network of the consolidated city and state computing infrastructure, connecting hundreds of different departments and buildings with a common data center and with each other. More than 60% of San Francisco traffic flows through this network.

Childs worked as a computer maintenance technician for 5 years before his arrest. He received $ 126,000 (per year, approx. Translations) as a salary and as a bonus another $ 22,500 for participating in solving problems with the network's inoperability. Access to the system was restored when Mayor Gavin Newsom talked to the imprisoned Childs, where Childs finally passed the passwords to the mayor.

The maximum that awaits Childs - 5 years in prison, the final term will be set on June 14. "

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