Google Street View photographed a woman 43 times

    A resident of the town of Elmswell (Suffolk County, East of England) was surprised to find that his wife and dog were photographed on Google Street View as many as 43 times . This is a new record for the number of photos of one person on Google maps.

    The Street View car drove along the same route that Wendy Southgate walks the dog. Interestingly, some photos show that the woman is looking at the car with suspicion. “I didn't know what kind of car it was,” Wendy says. “She just drove very, very slow.”

    If anyone is interested in the details, then for the first time the car met a woman here , then the car drove to another street, returned, and the woman was still here , the car turned around the corner and Wendy was again visible thereand then they met again on the way back.

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