Air synchronization

    It is unlikely to appear. Yes, yes, there is no mistake anywhere. Why? See for yourself.

    Actually, if you raise this interesting and tempting topic for discussion from the very beginning, then the need to connect iPod / Phone / Pad to a computer via USB was almost the most annoying thing. If the phone has a Wi-Fi receiver, which is exactly the same with the computer, then why do you need these wires? Well, why? Now someone here with a clever look in the comments will write to me that, they say, what about charging? I don’t know about you, but I almost never put my iPhone to charge from USB for two reasons: I’m charging next to the place to sleep, because I use the phone as an alarm clock (I think like the lion majority of mobile phone owners), well and of course, the battery charging speed from 0 to 100% varies quite a lot. At least I am pleased to think so.

    And the application, which is shown in the video, allows you to synchronize in the air with a fairly tolerable speed (of course, not comparable with the speed of USB 2.0). So why will it never appear? The answer is simple as usual - Apple will probably be against it.

    Firstly, the fact that it occurred to someone to write such an application and it works says one thing - the technical base for Wi-Fi synchronization in the iPhone has been around for a long time. It is difficult to say which model exactly, but it seems to me that the owners of the first, aluminum, iPhones may well enjoy new music and podcasts on the phone without having to connect the entire household with wires. That is, Apple intentionally did not include this feature in either iTunes or its devices. And therefore, the company intentionallywaiting to take a step in this direction. Well, in the end, many electronic publications agree that Apple just as intentionally removes this application from the store with a note: "unauthorized interaction with iTunes software." And we, for sure, will be fed this “novelty” in the near future, and all the fans will raise their hands to the sky again and give their praises ...

    via TechCrunch

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