5 popular bugs in program interfaces

    We all use a huge number of programs. But often there are epics of interface flaws that are very annoying. Here I will give a set of popular, in my opinion, errors. So.

    1. Help next to the action buttons

    A common flaw. For example, in Word, after completing the replacements, an error appears with the [OK] and [Help] buttons. I want to click on the right of these buttons and therefore I always have to think and realize that I need to make another one.
    Do not do Help next to OK or Apply. For her there is a good place on the top right.

    2. Showing the program by clicking in the tray

    Asec is a common problem. When you click on a flower in the tray, the ... / Show / Hide / Show / ... window occurs, as opposed to Show / Hide. The differences between these actions are that if you have already opened "ICQ", but blocked by another window, when you click on the icon "nothing will happen." In fact, "ICQ" has curled up at the moment. To open you need to click on it again.
    Make sure that when you click on the tray icon, a program window opens if it is not visible to the user.

    3. Inactive "cross" in the window


    An inactive cross or its absence is a flaw that occurs in error windows or windows in deep settings. Some windows pop up, and not at least to sort out what to do with them out of habit, click on the cross. Attempts by the programmer to "cheat" by removing the cross actually do not lead to anything. My action in this case is cutting down the process and / or “uninstalled” the program. Therefore, there is no screenshot (smile). Programmers, think about it when you write a question in the forum thread: "How to remove the cross from the window?".
    Do not remove the cross, it is sacred.

    4. No scroll wheel mouse

    Rarely enough, but still a bad luck. It is popular, according to my observations, in specialized programs for servicing a computer. The most interesting thing is that scrolling works, if you clamp, and in the clamped state, turn the wheel. This leads to a hit on the wheel to scroll through a long list (it is more convenient to use short jerks).
    Let the scroll wheel scroll the window - it’s logical.

    And the last most enchanting epic is ...

    5. Inability to select with Ctrl + A

    Oh! .. These sounds of the dong dong system when pressed Ctrl + A or her modest silence plunges into despondency. So, common in chat rooms. When you click RMB, there is still a highlight item, but you cannot do this with hotkeys. How do you deal with this? For example, you need to delete a message from the input field. My actions usually come down to Baaackspace or Shift + Home - Backspase + Shift + End - Backspace.
    Where it is possible to make RMB - Select everything, there should be Ctrl + A

    In general, if in at least one future program a programmer, recalling this article, does not allow these shortcomings, then I will be glad that the post was written not in vain.

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