Here it is, the competition

    Yesterday, at about 7 p.m. on our small real estate rental projection, a Ddos attack began, which continues to this day.
    Well, God began with her. At the moment, with varying success, it is possible to filter out excess traffic. In principle, this is not an event that deserves attention. If not for one but. In the course of the struggle, we, for the sake of experiment, for a few minutes, sent all the traffic to one of our sites, on which there was a counter from Imagine our surprise when a god-forgotten site scored more than 20 thousand views in 10 minutes and hit the top 10 in the rating. And then I decided to look at the rating of sites involved in real estate rental. And saw ( screenshot), that many sites jumped sharply (up to 1.5 million views), the second page also has similar things. Obviously they will be finished too. I go to these sites - either lie or barely move.

    Total. We have dozens of lying sites, here is a short list:
    REAL ESTATE from PIK Group
    and so on. All sites whose traffic has increased dramatically are (including ours). I counted more than 10, then fed up.

    Now they’ve turned to an office that filters traffic - they say from yesterday they’re only dealing with sites related to real estate.

    Also popular now: