Truly cross-platform browser games

    The power of HTML5 continues to amaze. A man known as KesieV came up with and developed a set of libraries, tools and presets for developing indie games in the style of 8-16 bits using Javascript, using a few HTML5 features. No flash. Five demo games were written for the engine on Javascript - pacman, flying shooter, platformer, action RPG and tetris. It is surprising that all these games work not only in all modern browsers - Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari - but also in modern smartphones - Android and iPhone, in the latter screen buttons appear. The speed of the games is impressive, especially considering that, as the author writes, the engine has not yet been finalized.
    Actually, you can try all these demo games using this link. Standard control in PC-based browsers - the keyboard buttons Z, X, C are analogous to the conditional buttons A, B and C, and arrows are used to move the character / select a menu item.
    Under the habrakat screenshots.

    Pac-Man in Firefox: Tetris on iPhone:

    Also popular now: