You don’t have to wait for Firefox 3.7 to stop crashed plugins from dropping the entire browser

    As many remember, one of the important advantages of the future version of Firefox 3.7 is the isolation of each plug-in (for example, Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight) in a separate process. Thus, if the plug-in causes a failure (and the process crashes), then this will not affect the performance of the entire Firefox, but only cause (in the rectangular area corresponding to the plug-in) a mournful inscription like this one:

    [mournful inscription]

    However, Firefox 3.7 will not appear soon (now only the fourth alpha version of it), and the developers decided to transfer (backport) this long-awaited function (isolating plug-ins into separate processes) into the current stable version of the browser - in Firefox 3.6.

    What will be done, starting from version Firefox 3.6.4. Right now it is undergoing preliminary testing, which will be completed from day to day, and then the version of Firefox 3.6.4 will replace the previous version (Firefox 3.6.3) by means of an automatic update. You can read the

    details at yourself. In short, I’ll say: this will be the final result of the development of the very same experimental Firefox build that was previously known to beta testers under the name Firefox Lorentz .
    As for the upcoming Firefox 3.7, we love it not only for this: in addition to isolating plugins, there will also be input fields stretched by readers (

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