Independent Cup

    Hi Habr!

    I immediately admit that I wanted to write this article in "I am PR", realizing that this is practically an advertisement. But in view of the small karma and the impossibility of doing this, I still risk writing about our event in this hub, hoping for the mercy of Habr.

    Since past publications have been successful, though not overwhelming, I hope to be able to report on the event here. I will not clog the ether with unnecessary details and large pictures, under the cutter I will tell the most basic.

    Better late than never. Our event is held from June 15 to August 15, completely online at .

    The main goal we are pursuing is to popularize the video game industry and the opportunity for novice developers to rise to a new level. One of the main partners of the cup is the international Indie Prize program, held as part of the world-famous gaming industry exhibitions from Casual Connect.

    To get into the top 100 best independent developers of the world is a rather difficult task, but with us it can become a reality. At least we sincerely want to do something cool, and so far everything is working out for us. Already more than 35 participants :)

    It is the finalist of the GTP Indie Cup that will get a unique opportunity to get directly into the final of the Indie Prize Tel-Aviv 2016 without the qualifying grid, and show their game among the hundred best igrodelov in November. At the same time, the Indie Prize organizers undertake to attend all lectures of the Casual Connect conference and stay in Tel Aviv, and moreover, they offer you a separate area where you will conduct a presentation of your project and be able to chat with colleagues, players and even publishers. Alas, we have not yet found a sponsor for the flight for the finalist, but you must agree that it’s also good.

    To become a winner at the GTP Indie Cup, you need to get into the top ten projects according to the public. Competition entries are accepted from June 15 to August 15, and public voting starts on July 15, where everyone can rate the project they like.

    Despite the start of voting already on Friday, we continue to accept works until August 15, after which the reception of entries is closed and the public vote is summed up. Many developers just finish their demos and alpha by early August.

    And then the fun begins: a competent team of 8 jury members will choose the best project and on August 22 will announce the name of the unconditional winner! Many of the participants will be happy to know that truly professionals will evaluate them:
    Sergey Grigorovich (GSC Gameworld), Maxim Fomichev (G2A and just a PR Jedi), Julia Moshkareva (Indie Prize), Alexey Savchenko (Epic Games, UE evangelist), Mikhail Zinchenko (operational producer of the Kiev development center Wargaming), Pavel Dorokhovsky (4A Games, Lead 3d artist), Mikhail Katz (Co-Founder Plarium Education), Alexander Shlygin (Unity, solution consultant).

    But despite the lack of a commercial component in organizing the event, we enlisted the support of partners such as Razer, Unity, weGame and Games Gathring to expand the prize pool and nominations. All details on the site of the cup .

    We sincerely wish good luck to all current participants in the cup and hope that together with the habrasociety we will collect even more talents and help them shine!

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