IaaS Digest: 30 Technology Transformation Resources

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    Economics and technology transformation - these two topics have always been closely related, we decided to consider them in more detail and start with a selection of materials.

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    Moving to the Cloud: Transforming Technology and Business
    As with business changes, migration to the cloud requires the fulfillment of fundamental requirements. In this article we will talk about the basic principles of moving to the cloud.

    The most interesting of the series of trainings on NetApp technologies in IT Grad
    In April 2016, IT-GRAD organized a series of trainings on NetApp technologies for efficient data storage. What topics were the most discussed, we will tell in this material.

    How to cope with peak loads with IaaS
    Is your cloud infrastructure ready for seasonal peak loads? Or are you spending money on new equipment and upgrading your own infrastructure? This article will discuss how the cloud helps minimize financial costs and cope with the burden.

    DMI Dyatkovo Concern has posted a sales management system in the IT-GRAD IaaS cloud
    We will describe how cloud technologies in the IaaS model solve important business tasks for the concern, in this article.

    Payment systems and gateways about PCI DSS certification, outsourcing and clouds
    In April 2016, the journalists of the First Corporate IaaS Blog published a survey among the 50 most significant players in the electronic payment market in Russia and Kazakhstan, who talked about the difficulties involved in preparing for an audit for PCI DSS compliance.

    KORUS Consulting implements projects using the IaaS IT-GRAD cloud
    About the benefits and relevance of cloud technology, the challenges that the clouds today cope with. Interview with the Director of the System Integration Department of KORUS Consulting Group of Companies.

    Seven nuances of cloud SLA: what you should pay attention to
    When concluding a contract with a supplier, the client should pay attention to the details of the SLA, since important details are usually hidden in the details. We will talk about them in this article.

    How clouds and virtualization affect the transformation of modern data centers
    Data centers are undergoing change and transformation today. All this is necessary in order to satisfy the highest requirements dictated by the business.

    IT-GRAD certified its cloud according to PCI DSS standard
    What is a PCI DSS Certified Cloud in IaaS?

    Hybrid Cloud Application Delivery: Understanding Key Features
    In this article, you will learn how IT specialists from various companies coped with emerging difficulties.

    Cloud Risk Insurance with IT-GRAD and AIG
    Cloud risk insurance - is this necessary? If you asked a similar question and still do not know the exact answer, this material will help you figure it out.

    Hybrid Cloud: An Application-Oriented Strategy Example
    The process of transferring the application to the cloud primarily depends on the right strategy, which will allow you to maintain control over the cloud infrastructure, guarantee the availability, performance and security of the entire hybrid environment. This will be discussed further.

    Cisco ACI: New Organization Model for Data Center Applications
    In this article we will talk about the features and concepts of Cisco ACI, consider the basic elements of the infrastructure, talk about stretching the ACI factory, and do the lab work.

    Sizing a terminal server when deploying an IaaS provider in the cloud
    “How many resources do you need to allocate for a terminal server if you decide to deploy it on a remote site of a hosting provider?” The answer to this question depends on many factors, which ones - we will tell in the article.

    PCI DSS Certification Pitfalls: CVV and Telephone Recording
    If you sell goods or services online and offer your customers to pay by credit cards - this article may be useful to you. In a series of understandable requirements for storing and deleting information, there are a couple of little-known pitfalls. We suggest discussing them.

    Cloud or server rack rental?
    Many companies are still not sure what to choose for their tasks - virtual servers in the cloud or their own hardware. Let's talk about it here.

    Cloud service “PCI DSS hosting”
    The number of services offered by cloud providers is growing annually. In this post, we dwell on the PCI DSS Compliant Hosting service, which is relevant for organizations using the cloud infrastructure, inside which payment card data is stored, processed or transmitted.

    When business needs “clouds” and virtualization
    In March 2016, journalists from the First Corporate IaaS Blog conducted a survey among company representatives to find out when they use cloud technology.

    A little bit about converged (and hyperconverged) IT infrastructure
    The author talks about converged solutions that change the way IT services are provided.

    Experience using IaaS by large (and not so) companies
    Here we talk about how various companies "move" to the cloud.

    IaaS Cases: How the Cloud Helps Business
    Read about real business case studies with IaaS.

    Guideline: How to Calculate the Benefits of Migration to the Cloud
    The topic of the economic feasibility of moving to the clouds remains relevant despite the fact that it is rarely and sparingly written about it in both specialized literature and online media. In this material, we tried to disperse the fog hanging over this area.

    PCI DSS Certification: What It Is and What It Eats With
    Recently, Visa and MasterCard have begun to require PCI DSS standards from merchants and card data service providers. In this regard, the issue of the requirements of this standard becomes important not only for large players in the market, but also for small trading and service enterprises.

    Why hard drives will stay with us for a long time
    Using the "good old" HDD may seem like yesterday, but industry representatives do not advise rushing to conclusions - below we will explain why.

    Working with data: How large companies do it
    About Google and Uber solutions and how they deal with huge data flows.

    How to reduce data storage costs
    The author discusses cost reduction approaches that underlie the idea that in the era of “lean manufacturing”, the data storage infrastructure is one of the obvious solutions that can save a lot of money.

    How to choose a direction for the development of an IT project: 1cloud experience
    1cloud service shares its experience in developing a project for the provision of virtual IT infrastructure.

    How data centers are changing right now: Technological solutions for data centers
    In this article, the author talks about new technological solutions in the field of data storage and server cooling.

    How data centers are changing right now: Energy Efficiency, Data Storage and the Cloud
    The author talks about technological trends and directions that are developing in the field of data storage and management, IT infrastructure and data centers.

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