SMS fraud: the mafia is immortal

    The journalist “Spark” made his own investigation of what happened in the winter on the VAS market and what are the real results. Let me remind you that the operators then temporarily blocked the numbers, turned on a notification of the cost and fined several aggregators, one of the messages here on Habré.

    A source , a mirror against the habr effect, and a few thoughts further.

    From the understandable conclusions, it is clear that A1 (in particular, the A1 aggregator ) is the market leader not only in terms of ratings of operators, but also in fraudulent traffic, which seems to be quite related concepts. They not only work with scammers, but also cover them, which is proved not only by the article, but also by a number of messages from the “deceived” partners of the perlag, as well as messages on the forumsearchengines . The fight against fraud is mythical, with the most severe moderation and certification of partners in the A1 aggregator, weekly they report blocking and fines to a dozen partners, although it looks strange, either moderation is not performed, or is it worth writing that “kickbacks” were received from 10 partners and do not call it fines. In general, the struggle of A1 with scammers is similar to the struggle of bees against honey.

    But do not think that the rest are white and fluffy, Incormedia, Ifree, Smsonline, Plastic Media, and indeed almost all aggregators were noticed in the presence of fraudulent sites on their numbers. But from the article itself it is clear that they are more about the perverted market, herding following the “leader”, accepting those who do not agree to pay a kickback fine A1.

    By the way, A1 not only reports weekly on the fight against scammers, writes stupid articles on Habr ( 1 and 2 ), but also quickly “collaborates” with fighters for honesty, which is quite expressed in the text of this post , but this cooperation is worth it, because the mafia will not kill itself, it is immortal.

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