Paramount Pictures and Seagate will upload movies to new hard drives

    imageParamount Pictures and Seagate announced the first of its kind collaboration. Now, some Seagate hard drive models (the FreeAgent Go series , to be precise) will be sold with films already pre-stored on it.

    There will be 21 films in total, though only Star Trek among them will be free. The remaining twenty will be available only after the user purchases an access code on the Seagate website (at a price of $ 10 to $ 20).

    Here is a list of “paid” films:
    1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    2. GI Joe
    3. Shooter
    4. The Hunt for Red October
    5. The Italian Job (2003)
    6. Ghost
    7. Patriot Games
    8. Beowulf
    9. Enemy at the Gates
    10. The Spiderwick Chronicles
    11. The Love Guru
    12. Coach Carter
    13. The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
    14. Nacho Libre
    15. Jackass 2.5
    16. A Plumm Summer
    17. Carriers
    18. Dance Flick
    19. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    20. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    On a freshly purchased hard drive, it looks something like this:

    There are no instructions on how to use video files on the hard drive (by the way, they say that they are HD 720p) or to receive a password detected. The only instruction was found on a small unsightly piece of paper in a box, which is very easy not to notice or throw out.

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