Analysis of the design and structure of the site “Is everything okay in the Danish kingdom?”

    Creating sites, it’s not always possible to see them through the eyes of ordinary users. As an option to study user behavior on the site, and the emotional component of being on the site, an attempt was made to “order” the study of usability from a journalist.
    The result of this “study” is presented to the public.
    Very interested in comments (tips) - what criteria are important for evaluating a site as a “simple user”.
    Ordering a comprehensive site audit from professionals is a good thing, but not always possible. Organization of testing for a focus group is an interesting option, but where to find this focus group and how to interest it?
    Subjective and paid opinion of a person about the site:

    First impression of the site of the Cherry Orchard clinic ( - finally, a well-made website-page of the organization, and not another cheap advertising craft. This at least forces the user not to automatically close the page and search further, but to linger and look. And with ergonomics of attention, everything is in order here: the visitor’s gaze, sliding along the slogan “Conserved Beauty of Health” located at the top of the page, quickly drops to the large (but not cumbersome due to bright colors) logo and name of the clinic, and falls to the list of doctors by gradient. This list is very nice, the photos of the doctors are cheerful, the faces are smiling, the quality of the photos is very good - all this inspires confidence and sympathy from the visitor. Therefore, when the user opens one of the clinic services listed below, the attitude towards them will already be deliberately favorable.
    There are only two small “cosmetic” remarks on the list: it would be nice to loop it so as not to twist the first doctor for a long time, when I got to the last one and wanted to re-read the information offered earlier. Also, in my opinion, the scroll buttons can be made more visible, so that it would be obvious to the visitor right away that this is not a static die, and it can be twisted.
    If we talk about the layout of the standard page services, it is also well thought out. Firstly, they are all made in the same style, which increases the memorability of the logo located on each page in two places (top of the left menu and basement). Secondly, a contact phone is also present on each page, which will allow the user, as soon as he decides to become your client, immediately call and become him.
    I would especially like to note the design of the site as a whole: the background of all pages is white, it not only does not bother and does not distract attention, but also simplifies the perception of other graphic elements of the site, and, most importantly, the content itself. Four colors are used in the design of the site (white, red, blue and black), and all of them are tied to certain types of information (active / inactive menu, headings, text), which facilitates user navigation. Having looked through a couple of pages of the site, it is immediately obvious how to find any information of interest. The search field is unobtrusively located in the upper right corner, and the fact that it already contains one of the special medical terms used on the site makes it an additional entry point.
    So, the client, making sure of the solidity and quality of the clinic’s services, decided to use its services, and went to the contact information page. And on this page, in my opinion, he has every reason to make sure that he made the right choice: convenient location map, VCard, sending addresses to mobile and even barcode - such an abundance of high-tech means of obtaining contact information can be found only on the most advanced sites. The visitor has the impression that since the clinic did not stint on the creation of such a site, then they have a solid income, which certainly inspires confidence.

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