Spammers subspecies: honest and dishonest

    Honest spammers are the scoundrels we are used to: from penis enlargement to installation of unwanted antiviruses, written by someone unclear and, in most cases, why. Seven of the ten most malicious spammers according to SpamHaus on April 12 are citizens (or former citizens) of Russia and Ukraine. It just so happened, but this is not the topic of the current topic.

    Dishonest spammers are twice the scoundrels whom it is not difficult to find: on the example of the American Victorias Secret and the Russian

    Victorias Secret is a large American retailer / manufacturer of clothes (including underwear) for women with a profit of more than $ 3 billion (2006). Serious office. The attitude is not only frivolous, it comes to the ridiculous: I talked with both the ordinary support employee and his manager. Oath assurances, a pack of apologies, correspondence for 3 weeks (at first they promised to disconnect “tomorrow”, then the manager specified “within 14 days”). Throughout the conversation, spam fell into the inbox with enviable regularity. Woz and now there, I stopped writing to them. I wrote to the hoster (a large office in the USA) in abuse all the logs of correspondence and header of letters - in response to silence. So Victoria's Secret was the first sign of an emerging trend. - “one of the leading players in the Russian market of licensed software”, has been operating since 2001. Fifty years ago, when the traffic compressor service was still relevant - I made an order for a month of compression service traffic through SoftKey. And I honestly signed up for the newsletter - I wanted to keep abreast of discounts and special offers. With a complete transition to free software, the need has disappeared and I followed the instructions for unsubscribing from the newsletter (write an email with the subject unsubscribe to the desired address). Actually, nothing happened, but from that moment on spam instead of emails went (unsolicited mailing - I clearly indicated my desire not to receive emails ), SoftKey ignores banal requests. Not too lazy, went into the profile, looked at the mailing list - empty.

    So, both online stores have tools a) automatic unsubscription from "spam", b) support service. There is no sense from both tools, spam continues to be strewed.

    Conclusions in connection with the foregoing:

    1. A trend is being set for the preservation of dead souls among honest market participants. The only logical explanation is the deception of their owners / investors in order to obtain good reporting.

    2. Spam is becoming a standard business practice.

    3. Hosters "close their eyes" to outright spam. Under Putin, this was notSeveral years ago this was not at all. According to a complaint about any resource sending spam, the host’s iron hand automatically squeezed on the throat of the site owner. At the direct request of the particularly arrogant owners of the resources, they were turned off until the reasons were clarified and the addresses were excluded from the mailing list; after which the site was "launched" again.

    Actually two eternal questions: who is to blame and what to do?

    ps. Yes, I am able to configure mail as needed. Speech in a topic about something else.
    ps. I have 10 companies in my collection that don’t unsubscribe from newsletters.
    ppps. There is SoftKi on Habré. I would like to listen to excuses (for example: lightning hit the server, the support service is on strike, everyone went to the front, “he’s a fool”).

    April 14, 2010 Patch:

    Someone from SoftKey, obviously having read a post on Habré, set in motion. As if by chance from my letter they made a ticket in the support system (after almost a week), and wrote a personal message here. In both cases, they apologized in the end. Why it happened, no answer was given; from a technical point of view, as I was informed, the following could happen: “the base itself could not have been updated, or updated, but not completely.”. Apologies are accepted, of course, but if a post on Habré is required to solve a trivial issue, then I simply have no words. By the way, gentlemen from SoftKey, can you look for specialists on Habré who will be able to update the database quickly and immediately at 100%?

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