-Radar-. Not quite an ordinary jigsaw puzzle for iPhone

    What's on the radar,% username%?

    Under the cut, a little story about creating a simple casual for iPhone.


    Once upon a time I came across an interesting flash game Z-Rox on the Internet .

    The idea of ​​the game is simple to disgrace, but at the same time surprisingly good.
    This is a kind of one-dimensional puzzle, an unknown character is scanned from top to bottom and all you see is a thin horizontal strip that changes its width every now and then. By the way, this also explains the name of the game, consonant with the well-known word Xerox.
    From these dangling dashes you need to guess what kind of symbol it is.
    Hopefully explained accessible, although it’s easier to just try it yourself.

    The game is English-language, contains 100 levels, but that's not the point, this is only a preface.

    Now to the point

    I have a hobby - programming for the iPhone, or rather iPhone OS.
    There are many ideas, zero free time, I want to try everything, I want to do everything. Of course, very little can be brought to mind, it has not been possible to stay behind one project for a long time, it becomes boring and more and more difficult to motivate oneself.
    Therefore, I am particularly attracted to ideas that are very interesting and, at first glance, easy to implement.

    That's why my eyes lit up when I stumbled upon this toy once again. I realized that there is practically nothing to implement here.
    One png with a transparent strip in the middle, UILabel with alphabet letters, numbers and unicode characters is run from top to bottom. The alphabet is large, Unicode too, 100 levels will be typed at once.

    One embarrassed, ugly somehow.
    The idea is wonderful, but it wasn’t me who invented it, and I didn’t want to steal stupidly.
    But the hands are itchy!
    In the end, I decided to write to the developer of the original game and asked him in the forehead: “what if I borrow an idea?”. Well, no, of course not so in the forehead and not in such words, but asked.
    He answered quickly. In short, he told me thanks for respect for other people's work and added that he was working on a toy port for iPhone and other platforms.

    Well, it’s not fate, my hands have stopped scratching ... for a couple of days.
    Indeed, literally at the same time, a colleague at work suggested instead of scanning with a strip to drive the sector in a circle, as on a radar.
    At first I did not undertake the implementation, then it seemed that the original idea with a strip is the most original and any attempts to move away from it already make the game not so interesting.
    But I decided to give it a try.

    A few weeks of coding in the evenings, a run on focus groups “colleague” and “family”, inept picking in Photoshop to give the program at least some appearance, 3 versions wrapped back by Apple (used copyrighted images) and in the final game gets into upstage.

    Link to the game in the AppStore

    I'm still sure that everything is very simple in the application.
    Nevertheless, some people get stuck at the 2nd level, and one unique managed to get stuck at the first and even write about it in his review.

    Some facts

    • The game is completely free, contains built-in iAd ads, quite unobtrusive.
    • To work, you need firmware of a device no older than version 4.0.
    • The game is localized into 2 languages: English and Russian, and this is not just a translation, but in many ways a different set of levels. In addition to the alphabet used, only in the Russian version can you find some cartoon characters and Internet memes that are not familiar to the western inhabitant.
    • The radar can contain not only ASCII or UNICODE characters, but also arbitrary pictures.
    • OpenFeint is supported, namely their Leaderboards and Achievements.

    Thank you so much for the comments and advice regarding support for firmware 3.1.
    Indeed, setting up the Target Platform, Weak linking for iAd and conditional coding using NSClassFromString solved the problem.

    Special thanks for the tip in the AppStore indicating a flaw in multitasking support.

    Just collected and sent for review a version that:
    1. Works on firmware starting with 3.1
    2. Properly supports multitasking (progress is saved and animation is restarted)
    3. Gives much more than before OpenFeint points for achievements

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