Sun Tech Days 2010

    Some have already written their thoughts about this event ( Here and Here ), and I want to post some photos. Traffic!

    General form

    The first day

    Arriving at 8:10, and immediately standing in the queue for registration, we get a badge.
    Here it is. At the entrance, large, severe uncles, the guards let them through. After the entrance, there immediately goes the Intel stand (On the contrary, Oracle) Photos of all stands do not make sense to upload, because you don’t understand much from them. Right after Intel comes the Elcom booth, then the Deutche bank, then the User groups booth, and then the entrance to the small hall, then Java ME, JavaFX, Java SE, NetBeans, Sun Datacenter Solutions, and then (Free t-shirts and magazines were distributed there) Fine Street


    If you start with Oracle (I repeat: opposite Intel), then comes the Oracke Technology Network, JetBrains, MySQL, HeadHunter, TuneIT, Oracle Solaris, InstallFest, VirtualBox, Linux Format (where you could subscribe to the magazine),, Open Systems ...

    More about stands

    At the Intel booth, CDs with Evaluation Software, Parallels Studio were told and handed out ...
    At the Elcom booth, people who wanted to purchase Sun products could get information about servers, prices, configurations, etc.
    At the User groups booth, you were invited to the JUG (Java users group), talked about their conferences ...
    At the stands of Java ME, JavaFX, Java SE, NetBeans, you could find out what it was, take the disks with this software
    There was a presentation at the Sun Datacenter Solution stead Storage, and regular Sun servers.

    And behind all this, there were coffee breaks, where you could have a satisfying, calm meal.
    On the first day, a form of madness was happening there with food, due to the huge number of visitors.

    There, where there were coffee breaks, there was a scene where balalaika players played something.
    Fun wow!

    A bit about reports

    I immediately left the plenary report that James Gosling did not attend, and I don’t know what was there.
    It makes no sense to give photographs from other reports; these reports will be published soon.

    About the fun or stone to the garden organizers

    Upon registration, everyone was given a white bag with the Java logo, in which there was a pen, notebook and profile.
    For a completed application form handed over after 17:45 they promised a laptop bag (I immediately say the promise was fulfilled).
    Throughout the day, in between reports, all this time the audience was warmed up with messages that there were 1700 bags, and 3000+ people had come and that there might not be enough bags.
    As a result, the crowd lined up in a huge queue 40 minutes before the issue, a stampede formed and some people filled out questionnaires on the backs of others, the upper report rooms were empty ...
    The queue was smaller, from a different angle As it turned out, there were enough bags for everyone ...

    Beer, sausages and rock and roll!

    At the end of the day, a buffet was organized, chips, beer, sausages ...
    Of the minuses, that a crazy crowd of beer lovers blows everyone.

    Second day

    Arriving at 8:55, I was very surprised, there were almost no people (Compared to the first day).

    Having risen to a cafe on the second floor, I saw how much free space.
    It looks fun and sad, remembering how many people were yesterday.
    From above

    Oracle living room

    Separately, it is necessary to mention the Oracle living room, where I did not meddle on the first day.
    On these ottomans, he sleeps great.
    Living room

    Oracle living room


    They fed excellently, if not for the crush.
    From chocolates, cookies, chips - ending with sandwiches with cheese, sausage, ham, sausages and salads.

    Internet cafe

    Everywhere at the conference there were Sun Ray's; on the second floor one could sit on the Internet. True, at the end of the second day, the server to which these terminals were connected was nevertheless put.
    Sun ray

    General impression

    The general impression was spoiled by the absence of James Gosling, the crush on the first day and the crush for food.
    But in general, good. - About the conference.

    PS I apologize for some confusion and poor quality of the photos, if you forgot something, tell me. It is impossible to tell what everyone was told about each stand. My task was only to give a general idea of ​​what was there.

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