New employee named DELL

    So, they waited, waited and waited: yesterday a new employee of the company arrived. His name is Dell PowerEdge R710 .

    The configuration of this beast:
    * 2 Intel Xeon processor E5506
    * 16Gb 2RRDIM (1333 MGz)
    * 6 HDD 300Gb (SAS)

    Under the cut a small photo report.

    Here came such a box.
    Box 1

    Box 2

    We open ...

    And inside one more. Open it and see:
    Manuals, wires, plugs in HDD bays and front panel

    Manuals, wires, plugs in the HDD bays and the front panel. This, of course, is interesting, but move on.
    Server 1 itself

    Server 2

    Take out of the box.

    Not the facade ... :)

    A very useful thing: two hot-swappable power supplies.
    PSU x2

    We make an orange lever and ...

    That's such a thing. In contrast to the usual produces only 12V.

    870W :)

    So, we continue the inspection. Remove the top cover.

    Available painted what and how. Even without working with such equipment, you can figure it out pretty quickly.

    Holy of Holies ...

    Remove the lid covering the processors and memory. Each slot has a 4Gb bracket. Free 14 more - a good reserve for improvement. :)

    5 of these “cubes” pump air from the hard through the radiator. At full speed they howl like a plane on take-off ...

    Well, in conclusion of all this, the decorative element is the front panel. Although it bears not only aesthetic functions - there is a castle. But the server will be in the closet, whose lock is more serious - so it’s not very important.

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