Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Unleashed

    I watched, watched as everyone around would be worn out with delight, just touching the Apple iPad, and I didn’t understand what was happening. Maybe something is wrong with me? Why doesn't it turn me on?

    So it was while watching the presentation, and while reading other people's reviews. Then he felt it himself. Well, nothing has changed in my head. This is despite the fact that I have been using the iPhone for more than a year and consider it a very convenient device.

    In general, several thoughts were born, which he formulated in a column for . I’ll not venture to publish here entirely (it was only me who decided to scold me for publishing my own texts, or is everyone so lucky?), Here are a couple of quotes.

    Probably, this is not the best place to talk about how extraordinary the head of Apple is (if you are interested in details, look for the book “iCona: Steve Jobs” in stores). But for those who pray for this person in the company and beyond, it is sometimes useful to remember that at one time he actually destroyed Apple sales with his insights, giving the hypertrophied influence to the Apple IIe he liked personally. A small and sexy computer for which no one wanted to write programs. This was largely the reason for his hasty departure from the company in the 85th year. Then, Steve Jobs invented the computer of the future, NeXT, for eight years, investing in this, undoubtedly, interesting occupation of hundreds of millions of others' dollars and not achieving any significant market success. And if not for the “by-product” product, NextSTEP operating system, that Jobs so successfully sold to Apple, his return from a startup to a real business might not have taken place. Like Canon, which invested a couple of hundred million in NeXT, it could have remained smaller with investors.

    and another

    iPad - never a laptop replacement and a bad alternative to e-book reader on ePaper. Buying such a colossus to listen to music on it, at least, is strange. Perhaps you can watch a movie, although I have not yet conducted lengthy tests on the effect of the iPad screen on the eyes. Plus, Russian users will have to convert the video, as is the case with the iPod / iPhone (iTunes will not work in the foreseeable future). It is not easy to hold the device - it is rather heavy (700 grams), it is not equipped with hand grabs (it’s not beautiful enough with them!) And, you see, it will slip out. The ideal position of the iPad is not even on your knees, but between them and your stomach. So when you lie on the couch, slip a bigger pillow under your back, then the new Apple product gets up just perfectly.

    Is this a coincidence? Yes of course not. We all now know that for at least two years Steve Jobs spent much more time in bed than he himself would have liked. The disease, related medical procedures (very regular and lengthy), preparation for surgery ... But what about the Internet? How without working with mail? It is impossible without this! It’s uncomfortable to use a laptop in bed, you’ll break your eyes on the iPhone, which means that you need to urgently develop something that covers the need! I dare to assume that the prototypes of the iPad were studied more and more in bed. And as a result, the option that was most suitable for her was chosen. And indeed, for reading mail and surfing, lying on the couch, a better device does not exist.

    The whole article and the proof of article confirming that I did not study the issue on the press release lies here

    Just like in a joke. “Everyone likes it, but you don’t!”

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