Cons of Nokia e72

    As in the case of HTC Hero, I can’t ignorant those who are going to buy a Nokia e72, describing it only on one side - without flaws, because all the devices have disadvantages without exception.

    If the minuses of my past device are HTC Hero, I described in the proportion of 80% Android OS / 20% HTC Hero, then with Nokia everything is almost the same, just the opposite!

    I must say right away that there are no gloomy minuses in either Symbian 9.3 or Nokia e72. There are small assembly flaws, there is still something, but even all together does not give rise to a spark of desire in my dubious brain to change my e72 to anything else. By the way, now there is nothing else on the market that suits me. Everyone rushed into the touch devices. It seems that mechanical buttons began to disgrace devices and all manufacturers are trying to achieve the least number of buttons in their devices. The first-born and at the same time the leader in this maneuver - the iPhone in all its guises. More precisely, they all have one appearance, it’s more correct to say - in all versions. But back to the topic.

    So, for a month now I have been actively using Nokia e72. Before her, in the foreseeable past, I had: Nokia e61i, Nokia e90 (there were 2 pieces), Nokia e71 and HTC Hero. So I am well acquainted with the full-keyboards of the Finnish manufacturer, and Symbian is also not the first day together. E72 of all models is technically most perfect, everything is intuitive, reliable and even beautiful. Regarding the assembly, my opinion is ambiguous. I will say this: if I didn’t have an e71 before e72, I would say that the assembly is fine, but my phone’s reputation was unlucky, because the assembly in e71 is just perfect (in the copy that I had).

    The case is well made, but the metal is much less when compared with the seventy-first. But more than on HTC Hero :)! But the plastic in the 72nd is very good and pleasant to the touch, and most importantly - not colored. By cons, I can attach the battery cover mount, which is much worse than that in the e71. Now the cover rests on one latch, which can be accidentally hooked when removing the phone from the pocket, for example. I did not have such cases, but I heard reviews. Because of this fastening, the lid is slightly springy when pressed.

    Although in general the keyboard is much more convenient than in the e71, there is one unpleasant moment with it. If you very quickly (very, very) alternately press the keys on which letters and numbers are applied ("A" and "P" ...), the letters can be eaten. No one is printing at that speed, but the fact that there were no problems with this on the e71 is unpleasant.

    The speaker is now located at the rear. Very controversial location. The first thing that comes to mind is “it will not be heard if the phone is on the table”! After checking - the phone is heard if it is on the table, as the camera module sticks out strongly and the speaker does not touch the surface of the table. If you put the phone on a soft sofa - there is a chance not to hear it. In e71, the speaker was on top, putting the phone somewhere with the speaker down was unrealistic. But there is another problem: now you can not use covers with flips, in which the phone is tightly fixed, because the cover itself will drown out the speaker. Or make covers with a not beautiful and not symmetrical hole for the speaker at the back. By the way, things are worse on HTC Hero: there the speaker hole is very small and also located at the back, only nothing sticks out there, so,

    Another drawback became a drawback for me after using HTC: why didn’t Nokia still implement the function so that the phone vibrates when you pick up the phone on the other side of the phone ???

    RAM after restarting the smart - 50 MB. In the 71st, the same indicator was slightly larger, about 70 MB. Despite the fact that the total memory capacity of both the 71st and 72nd is the same and is equal to 128 MB, the question arises: where is our memory? There is reliable (I try, so that hope always remains :) that this will be fixed by firmware. Although the chances are small. However, even 50 MB is enough with the head.

    The built-in mail client does not want to configure for any accounts until you configure it for OVI ...

    So far, I have not found any more flaws! :)

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