iPad vs HP Slate - both are good

    The popular Engadget website compared the characteristics of two similar devices, Apple’s great new product, the iPad, and the upcoming incomprehensible HP Slate expected in June. A comparison in my opinion shows that both devices are excellent.


    Under the cut is the new HP Slate promotional video and some reflections on characterization.

    This is the new HP Slate promotional video:

    As you can see, it is not bare Windows 7 that is demonstrated, but the multimedia shell from HP. Skype, expansion cards, TV connections and other goodies are available.

    In connection with this comparison, I have the following thoughts:

    1. Pros iPad - an excellent device among Apple devices, iTunes and AppStore, a sea of ​​specialized software, a bookstore, where it will be. Long working hours are a huge plus.

    2. Pluses HP Slate - smaller size, which means more mobility, two cameras and Skype. Expansion via SD card and USB. Full Windows 7, where you can stick any familiar software. HDMI output, and therefore you can use the HP Slate as a mini-multimedia center at home. Faster processor and claimed support for hd-video 1080p (needed for signal output to TV).

    In general, the choice is very difficult to make. In my opinion, you need to take both devices. In my opinion, they complement each other more than compete. In this regard, I plan to buy the device that is the first to get to the Russian shelves. And then, probably, the second :-).

    What do you think? Share in the comments.

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