IPad users complain about the quality of wi-fi connection

    Many lucky ones have already managed to spend the weekend with an iPad in their hands. And the first complaints appeared.
    A topic on wifi signal quality has been found on the Apple support forum . The signal quality indicator is constantly changing its value. Being in the same place you can observe how the indicator of the wi-fi connection drops from four divisions to one, and then by itself again gives out full power. At the same time, MacBooks and iPhones that work alongside do not show any signs of signal quality deterioration. Nevertheless, it is reassuring that there were no disconnections and there is an assumption that the indicator is working. It simply reacts incorrectly to network activity.

    In the next branchIn the same forum, users complain that the iPad cannot get the address via DHCP and therefore gain access to the network. If someone has already encountered such a problem, Apple recommends reading the iPad user guide (PDF) and paying special attention to page 117.

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