Public greeting


    Good evening,% username%!

    After the long and (sort of) interesting posts of my colleague
    Andrei ( andrew_tch ) about creating our data center ( last post ),
    we decided that creating a corporate blog on Habré would be a very
    good idea. It is here that we will tell the most interesting and
    interesting to you in the field of IT from the very middle of the Baltic States - Latvia.

    Soon, it is here that we will be happy to announce the beginning of closed
    tests of parallel projects, which we can only hint at in secret:
    this will be a new SMS operator with an unprecedented functionality and a human
    face at the service level, as well as our new payment system, which will be
    the first such system created specifically in the Baltic states.

    We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our
    services and what is happening on the IT market in our part of Europe. Write your questions in the
    comments on this entry and in the near future we will begin to answer them
    in the form of new posts and blitz rings. We will also be happy to listen to any criticism on
    our site - here Sword and Web professionals are much more active :)
    And yes - we love criticism, especially from people who know their job.

    And so ... so far good luck and will be glad to see you in the future;)

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