Fur Audio Headphones

    Outside the window, it seems like spring came and my wife and I decided to change the wardrobe to a more appropriate one. Poking around the mezzanines, I stumbled upon my last year's gift - audio-fur headphones.

    Last year, if you remember, it was a very warm winter and we wore autumn clothes almost all the time. Moreover, I carried a rather warm cap, but my wife walked with her head uncovered.

    Taking care of the safety of my beloved ears, I was going to buy ordinary fur headphones, but discussing the gift with Kujallah , the idea came to me to build speakers into them.

    Indeed, the shape of the fur "ears" is very similar to ordinary. But why should a place stand idle?

    Under the cut, a short story about how I turned ordinary Koss into a warm hat.

    In general, the idea itself seemed so obvious to me that at first I was going to find such ears in a store. I honestly rummaged through the ruins, and found only the Ritmix RH-509.

    They looked terribly scary, and scared with pink fur and plastic in the picture.

    In general, scratching in the crown, I decided to make a gift myself. Here you need to make a reservation right away - there are a lot of good audiophile headphones in the world that completely cover your ears. But I wanted it to be, first and foremost, a headdress, and the music was a nice addition.

    In general, it is said - done, especially since no special problems were foreseen. It was only necessary to take suitable headphones and sheathe them with fur.

    The most obvious was to take a bluetooth headset.
    - can be used as a telephone headset
    - you can switch tracks directly from the headphones.
    “There are no wires again.”
    - batteries quickly sit down in the cold
    - it is necessary to provide a hole in the fur for charging
    - the sound quality of wireless headphones is inferior to traditional ones
    - for the same money you can roll up headphones in a higher class. After

    weighing everything, I decided to make fur “ears” from the traditional headphones. Naturally, the question immediately arose of cutting wires. I speak naturally, because, I repeat, I wanted to have exactly a hat.

    In the end, KOSS Stratus ears were bought in the store (I didn’t specifically take something expensive, I just wanted to work out the technology) and 3.5 minijack mom-dad.

    The cable was cut off at the headphones and the mini jacks were soldered. The result is stand-alone headphones and a removable cord. The headphone jack is glued to a double-sided tape and pulled out over one of the speakers so that the wire is as invisible as possible. Let me explain this idea: in principle, a wire with a socket could be put behind the “ear”, but then the “ears” would visually differ from each other. And so, if connected by an angular plug, the wire is hidden in the hair and is invisible (especially if the girl has long hair).

    After soldering, the headphones were transferred to the studio, where they trimmed them for me for 280 rubles (the price included material).

    So, I hand over the missus package. Ears are unpacked, set on the head. While my wife is turning in front of the mirror, I imperceptibly connect the sound ... Oh, how many delights!

    (not a corner plug is specially stuck in the pictures to better see where the socket is)

    Of course, hand on heart, the sound of the "ears" turned out to be average. But I gained experience and now I can rivet something a class higher :) The most important thing that I was afraid of is that the fur will drown out the sound. In practice, it turned out that it even softens the average sound quality, and also improves sound insulation from street noises.

    Ps I would like to thank Kujallah userwho submitted this idea and helped in the implementation. If you suddenly decide that you want to plus this post, do not forget about it, because it is also his merit.

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