The largest integrated marketing forum held in Skolkovo

    The speakers of the largest companies Google, Samsung, Gazpromtrans, NIVEA, M. Video, MARS Chocolate and Kaspersky talked about the eternal: “How to find and understand your Ts.a. and make contact with the consumer as efficient as possible? ”
    We combined the main ideas and trends for you in this article.

    On March 16-18, 2016, the largest business forum Dive In Marketing 2016 was held on the campus of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, as well as online throughout Russia and the CIS .
    The event was supported by the Moscow Government.
    We combined all the most interesting reports into 5 topics, turning them into a squeeze of the main trends of the sales and marketing market in 2016, backed up by quotes from leading experts in our field.

    About Consumption

    In America, shopping trips fell 55% (from 2010 to 2013), but sales increased 9% (c) Yuri Berchenko, Google Russia.

    This was facilitated by the Internet and the ability of a person to study several products and points of sale in a short period of time. Here is a study supporting this hypothesis.

    In 2016, in order for a person to become a client, more efforts must be made. Because the consumer simply will not go for the product if it has a high price, but is cheaper. This rule applies to both low-cost consumer goods and high-value goods.

    Also interesting is Google’s research on buying a car, in which 6 thousand residents of Russia took part. According to the results, on average:
    • 103 days it takes the buyer to search for a car.
    • 7 sources of information are used.
    • 94% use internet searches.
    • To study the car you like, a person needs, in total: 8 h 21 m.
    • During the search were used: 14 unique sites; 51 searches.
    • 86% of sites studied are search results.
    • Used: 93% - laptops; 38% are tablets; 43% - a smartphone; 20% - all devices.

    About Buyers

    The buyer is many-sided, lying, spoiled. Survey indicators in focus groups lie in 30% of cases, and this is the lower level of indicator (c) Nicholas Caro, “RCB & B”.

    Not a positive statistic. But it’s real to know key data, if we focus on indicators obtained with a larger sample, after numerous tests.
    For example, we know for sure that, firstly, in 0.9 seconds a person understands where he needs to go and what to do. That is, in these fractions of a second, the buyer should “hook” on the picture or text, i.e. get on the magnet of your ad.

    Secondly, within 2 minutes after contact with the advertisement, the consumer feels a state of hyper involvement, which passes after 20 minutes.

    Increasing customer loyalty in this phase is especially important for high value products for consumers (above average segment). About increasing loyalty in the auto business here .
    These facts should be taken into account during the creation of the product, website and advertising.

    Any marketer can calculate the conversion, cost of lead and advertising campaigns. Questions arise after, at the moment when you need to understand what to do with this knowledge (c) Sergey Solsky, “IT Business Idea”.

    To quickly collect and analyze data, even a small business should connect and use a CRM system. It will help in analyzing the target audience, or rather, to understand where the buyer came from, how long the sales path took and what the average life cycle of the client is.
    With the data collected, it will be easier for you to segment the audience, which will help increase profits. Having solved the client’s path, you can put more magnets to attract him, leading to the sale.

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