Augmented reality AlterGeo - now cancel the question "Who is it?"

    imageAugmented reality / augmented reality / AR is not fiction for a long time, not “some strange thing from the future”. Augmented reality for many is a convenient way to explore the world around.

    For example, for users of the free AlterGeo iPhone app. How it works now, see the video:

    But we decided to go further. Rather, we were made an offer that we could not refuse and we are obliged to share this with you.

    In the near future, an innovative product will be launched for your peace of mind - Wi2Geo (AlterGeo) and Bell-ka, the Russian leader in the manufacture of entrance doors, are launching an “eye-augmented reality” solution. Elements of augmented reality from AlterGeo (code name - AlterMent) will be built into the door of Bell's production.

    These elements will look like ordinary door eyes plus a control element. Turning on “AlterMent” when viewing through the peephole, special markers will tell you what kind of “uninvited” guests want to get into your apartment — honest district policemen or scammers, pizza delivery men or thieves, Aunt Masha from a neighboring entrance or “housekeeper”.

    The AlterMent element will scan the retina of the eyes of guests, contact the database with potentially dangerous elements and signal suspicious visitors. The base will be replenished by the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A corresponding agreement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already been reached.

    The prototype AlterMent element is ready and is being tested. Technological features are still a secret, but we will report all the details on our blog and on

    UDP. All with the first of April! Yes, "eye augmented reality" and AlterMent is an April Fools ’draw. But the augmented reality in the free AlterGeo for iPhone is the pure truth!

    Your AlterGeo Men . We are for your peace of mind.

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