Ace of diamonds, and ... Kaspersky

    Ace of diamonds and KasperskyIn the process of testing web preference , one strange detail unexpectedly emerged. About 5% of players consistently complained about the "lack" of cards. Moreover, for thousands of other players (including developers) everything worked perfectly. In the process of debriefing, it became clear that every time the same card was missing. Namely - the ace of diamonds.
    The server passed all tests perfectly. The ace of diamonds code was given to the client stably with the rest of the cards. The casket, as it usually happens, opened very simply. The picture with the ace of diamonds in the resources was called ad.gif . And these 5% of the players stood guard over the rule of law ... Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, Yuri Antonov Kaspersky Internet Security, who did not like the name of the image file.
    The moral for web developers is simple. When naming external resources (pictures, css, js, swf), pay attention to the absence of "suspicious" words and abbreviations (advertise, banner, ...). Perhaps this will save you and your users mental health.

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