USB tees

    Gentlemen, I would like to discuss with you one idea. Picking up material for the next "Industrial Zone" I came across an interesting concept from the designer Gonglue Jiang. On a habr already wrote about it (and the picture will be a little lower).

    I propose to slightly complete the concept and discuss the vitality of this idea. For minusers due to repetition, please read the text.

    So, first, my picture (sorry for the terrible Photoshop experience)

    Now, a picture of the Gonglue Jiang concept

    The initial idea is beautiful and extremely simple - we have before us an endless USB port, which is always free no matter how many devices are stuck in it. The number of connections in a garland is limited only by convenience and food needs. But there is one “but” - in order for this idea to come to life, it is necessary that manufacturers support it. And this, you know, is unlikely.

    Then why not take this idea as a basis and start producing USB tees? We look at the illustration again. Instead of the cord below, we make a USB socket and we have a very useful USB tee (more precisely, a double) in front of us. Under cat development of the topic.

    The device should be extremely cheap and functional. A multi-colored display will only add convenience to use, as allows you to quickly disconnect an unnecessary device. In principle, if you think about it, the following advantages are emerging:

    1. The cost of production should be extremely low. Consequently, the retail price may well revolve around 1-2 bucks.
    2. Given the boom in the market of netbooks and subnotebooks (as well as tablets), such products should be in demand.
    3. Since the size of the "doubles" is small enough, they will be constantly lost. And since the price for them is also small, this will allow you to buy them "loose" as a consumable.

    another illustration, thanks LeX4

    What do you say?

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