AVG releases Linux LiveCD to restore Windows system


    AVG introduced a free LiveCD image, based on the GNU / Linux operating system, designed to restore Windows computers.

    The announced AVG Rescue CD is a system image that can be burned to a CD or a USB flash drive in order to boot from the media and restore a damaged Windows installation (FAT and NTFS file systems are supported). According to AVG, the disk contains a set of tools that allows you to restore the system after attacks from viruses, spyware and other problems that have made it impossible to work in a Windows environment. In addition, such a boot disk can also be useful for recovering Linux systems, as it contains a number of console utilities.

    Using GNU / Linux to create such recovery disks designed for Windows cannot be called a novelty. For example, a year and a half ago, the domestic company Doctor Web released a similar solution, called Dr.Web LiveCD. It used the Gentoo Linux distribution as the base system, and users were offered console and graphical interfaces to run the antivirus in order to restore the Windows system.

    The Linux distribution used in the AVG Rescue CD includes, among other things, the Midnight Commander console file manager, the simple Windows Registry Editor, a set of network utilities (for example, ping), the vi console text editor, the OpenSSH SSH daemon, and a set of tools for work with NTFS (ntfsprogs).

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