Fire in data center

    No official information has been received (the site is down and does not even respond). I had to arm myself with Google and search on tweeters and other blogs. And through them I already went to , where the situation begins to become clear:

    “Only then I got through to them.
    Information about the fire was confirmed. They said not to worry, restoration work has already begun.
    Estimated dates said 7 days "

    “We picked up the phone on number 048 728 2111. The girl in a frustrated voice confirmed a major fire and serious damage. They cannot help in the coming week - they will assess the damage. Regarding access to the surviving client servers, the girl is not sure what the opportunity will be. In general, no business will wait a week - he went to recover from the last backup to another hosting. ”

    People are in a panic, 10 hours pass and there is no official information. Lies a bunch of sites, including some pretty well-known in RuNet. It got to the point that they want to chip in so that the local traveled and found out everything.

    I hope at least today there will be some official information from the owners?

    PS I only found out this morning in the early morning, the customers woke me up, I thought it might just be the server hanging, but here is the news, and backups are certainly not of the first freshness :( But of course it's my fault.

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