Hacker got 20 years in prison for breaking 130 million bank cards

    A hacker named Albert Gonzalez was sentenced in the United States to 20 years in prison for crimes involving hacking payment cards. The court immediately considered three cases related to the activities of Gonzalez in various US states - Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. The verdict already passed concerns only his crimes in Massachusetts, and a hearing on other crimes will take place today. Gonzalez hacked over 130 million bank cards, the damage caused by his actions is estimated at $ 200 million.

    There were also reports that the hacker had two accomplices from Russia, although nothing is reliably known about this. This crime is rightfully considered one of the largest (if not the largest) and "expensive" fraud in the history of the United States associated with hacking computer systems. The prosecution initially insisted on 25 years in prison for Gonzalez, but the judge decided to limit himself to 20 years. Perhaps the sincere recognition of the hacker was taken into account.

    Gonzales, a computer specialist, told the court: “I am standing in front of you humiliated, for these 22 months of imprisonment. I'm guilty".

    The young man was left free by his parents, emigrants from Cuba.

    via AFP , ferra

    PS If he received 200 million from 130 million cards (or less, because this is damage to banks, not his profit), then it turns out he withdrew about $ 1.5 from each card. Is it worth giving for 20 years?

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