GLONASS is not needed?

    When it comes to GLONASS, the general mood is usually well expressed by this picture:

    In fact, everything is not quite like that. Recently, at work, I was puzzled by the choice of a professional automotive data logger, and came across such a table . Pay attention to the second line - the device that is the best in positioning accuracy (2 cm when using a base station) - supports receiving both GPS and GLONASS signals.

    In general, we can only rejoice at the enterprising English engineers, quite legitimately receiving income from our technology. What about us? We don’t produce receivers for the GLONASS signal ( 1K-181 does not count, it is ten times different from its analogs in size and consumption), we don’t seem to take royalty from the receivers. Oh yes, I forgot - GLONASS goes to IPO , we ’ll earn on the cut . For the state offensively shorter.

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