Java / Python SDKs 1.3.2 released and Roadmap updated

    First, I’ll talk about the changes in the SDKs, and then about what the developers promise us in the next 6 months.

    - The store supports 2 modes of reading data and executing requests: strong consistency (the initial behavior of the store, set by default), and eventual consistency . In the “strong consistency” mode, all data reading operations and requests will wait until the end of the previous changes (which were made, but did not have time to apply to the data in the distributed storage). In the eventual consistency mode, all reads and queries will use versions of existing data in the repository, even if these data are waiting for changes. This mode should be used when reading speed is more important than guaranteed updated data.

    - The repository supports a maximum deadline for most operations. If the request exceeds the storage, the call is interrupted and control is transferred to the application.

    - The ability to enable protection against DDOS by registering in the application config (dos. * Yaml * xml *) "objectionable" IP addresses and subnets. The top most active ip, which are suspected of attack, appear in the application admin panel in the new Blacklists section, and they can be entered in the config. Last Wednesday I chatted with one of the AppEngine developers (jason @ google), and he said that the development of a DDOS service would definitely NOT stop there (I think there will be filtering by country, etc.).

    - Access from application to data from BlobStoredirectly by specifying a range of bytes. At the moment, the reading limit is 1 megabyte (as for most AppEngine services).

    - Ability to add multiple jobs to the queue with a single call to TaskQueueAPI, and also increased the maximum speed of replenishment of the queue to 50 / sec.

    - Through URL Fetch, you can now access remote resources using ports 80-90, 440-450, and 1024-65535 (previously there were only 80 and 443).

    - Added AppStats utility to JavaSDK, similar to PythonSDK.

    From the old:
    - Support for MapReduce - will be released soon, I think in 1.3.3 or 1.3.4.
    - Ability to backup and restore data (This is a bulkloader, which they constantly finish).

    From the new:
    - SSL support for your domains.
    - Support Browser Push ( Comet ).
    - Background applications that can run for more than 30 seconds.
    - Ability to reserve an "instance" to reduce the overhead of launching the application.
    - Ability to select various options “availability vs. latency ”for storage (choice of data center?).
    - Increased request / response size limits for some APIs.
    - Native support for OpenID and OAuth.
    - Improved monitoring and improvement of the application alert system.

    In addition, work on Full Text Search has been going on for a long time , I also think that will appear soon.

    In general, I am pleased as an elephant; and SSL, and Comet and other goodies have long been expected by me in AppEngine.

    Complete changelogs:
    - Release Notes: Python
    - Release Notes: Java
    - Revision History
    - Product Roadmap

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