Is 32766 enough for you in Opera?

    It turns out that Opera does not know how to work with elements larger than 32766.

    For reference, 32766 is the largest signed 16-bit number (32767) minus one. I remembered the addressing of video memory in zx-spectrume, these poke and peek .... The

    opera stores the values ​​of these values ​​(height, width, etc ...) as 16-bit numbers. And, apparently, values ​​greater than 32767 are treated as negative. But the CSS1 specification states that the width and height values ​​should not be less than 0. By the way, later versions of the specifications do not say anything about this.

    But be that as it may, the fact that Opera does not support elements with values ​​greater than 32766px is not good and they should fix it.

    I saw and translated (free translation) from here .
    There, by the way, it is also said that this restriction in Opera affects anythingSlider .

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