tvfёdor - man and ship

    Probably this fashion is this, but, gentlemen, we want to present you another notification service for the release of new series :-) Over the past couple of weeks, this has become an unspoken trend, probably. We believe that you love TV shows. We love them too! We look forward to each new episode, add the release dates of new episodes to the calendar and are very upset when we accidentally miss them. Nobody likes to be upset, right? Therefore, we wrote Fedor . And if you are counting the minutes until the release of the new series “here in this size and translation”, or if you are interested in the fate of some specific distribution on the largest runet tracker - Fedor can help you. We taught Fedor :



    - Stay tuned for updates to any giveaway on, whether it's a series, a poker tournament or a discography of your favorite band.

    - Write you notification letters at any time of the day or night.

    - Post your personal RSS feed.

    - Doing your job well.

    How Fedor differs from other services:

    - We give you a choice - what and how to notify you: you choose the distribution that you would like to follow and we will remind you about it when the time comes :-)

    - We do not show a lot of unnecessary and irrelevant for you information about the series about which you already know everything

    - We do not work on a ready-made basis: you will not need to send a request for us to add another series; you don’t need to send a request so that we - add a specific distribution of your favorite series, and wait until we do it

    - We allow you to monitor not only the series, but also any distributions that are updated periodically


    A couple of words about the design:

    When programmers take to draw a design, it turns out what you see :-)

    In general, the service was written for yourself, for the inveterate TV series. We tried to make it convenient for us: everything is simple, everything is concise, everything works.

    We hope you find a common language.

    UPD :
    Now the limit on the number of subscriptions is 15. This is for nowdue to the rolling condition of the “updater” and its frequency calculation mechanism. As statistics appear, so the limits will be increased to large reasonable ones.

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