Apple App Store, Intel AppUp, Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace - three in a boat, not counting @

    As is known to all iPhone owners, as well as to all those who envy or sympathize with them, the only regular way to purchase iPhone programs is through the Apple App Store .

    A lot of people - Google gives out about half a million mentions - also know that Intel is ready to open its netbook application store - Intel AppUp Center (beta version is now available). Of course, this store by no means restricts the freedom of users to download and install applications on their netbooks from any other sources, therefore it can in no way be considered a complete analogue of the Apple App Store, but in so many ways, AppUp and App Storesimilar. And not only the name :), but also the basic principles of user interaction - first of all, the fact that downloading AppUp applications is possible only through a special client program, which is prudently planned to be preinstalled on new netbooks.

    And finally, Microsoft recently announced details about the future Windows Phone 7 platform. Namely, it will be possible for ordinary users to install applications on Windows Phone 7 exclusively through the special Windows Phone Marketplace . True, an interesting coincidence? :) But my thought is not about him.

    I sincerely admit: I not only do not understand anything in marketing, but I'm not at all sure that it exists:). I also do not understand anything about shopping, but I have no doubt about its existence - I have to make purchases, if only because working at Intel does not allow me to maintain a subsistence economy.

    Therefore, I will look at online stores selling software through the eyes of a simple buyer.

    And I’ll see that the criteria “what is good and what is good to fix” for online stores selling software products completely coincide with the corresponding criteria for ordinary - real food supermarkets.

    Of course, buyers want the supermarket to be conveniently located - an easily remembered URL, there were no queues in its cash desks - the site did not slow down, and everyone accepted payment for purchases - from credit cards to business cards :). But there is another important point.

    If it’s known that at the entrance to the nearest supermarket you will be forced to pack your bag in film or hand it over to the storage room, after which you will be forced to take the trolley (they won’t sell anything without it), and finally show the passport to the guard and show your wallet or a credit card, then most likely you won’t go to this store - try to find another one without these difficulties.

    Although, under certain conditions, you will not only go to this store, but also become a regular customer there. Namely,
    • if this store is the only one in your city,
    • or if it contains exclusively goods attractive to you (including at its price).

    So, in our analogy, the Apple App Store and, it seems, the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace are “the only stores in the city”, and therefore customers are automatically provided with them. But Intel AppUp, which competes with a host of other online stores, will have to take the other, only possible way to attract customers - to provide a unique and very attractive range of software products for sale. That is what Intel is trying to do .

    Do you think we can do it?

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