Aggressive marketing from

    Not so long ago on a habrstartup The idea seemed interesting and I decided to try the service in action. I registered and began to receive letters with promotional offers. The problem is that they were relevant only for Moscow, although during registration I indicated Kharkov. After a few days I got tired of receiving this spam and I decided to unsubscribe. But it was not there! Firstly, I discovered that without asking me, they installed the city of Moscow to me without the ability to change it to another or suspend the newsletter. Secondly, I did not find the ability to unsubscribe and delete my account. I decided to write a letter to the creators of the service, where he politely asked me to unsubscribe from the newsletter, but they ignored my request - today we received another letter with advertising. I'd like to believe that all this is caused by a series of misunderstandings, and not done intentionally.

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