How to screw in the bulb?

    Hi, habrachelovek! In this article I want to talk about how to properly screw in a light bulb. This "article" is nothing more than humor, so I ask you to take it as humor =)image
    Many can object, they say this is elementary, but here, like any other business, there are secrets too!
    image1) Light bulb selection
    A very responsible part of the task, because all of your further destiny depends on which light bulb you choose! But before choosing a new bulb, you need to unscrew the old one (see how to do this in the next article) and look at its type and power, which you need to remember, but it’s better to write it on a piece of paper (preferably in a box). If you were satisfied with the previous lamp, then the choice is much easier - you just need to choose the best model for the price / quality. If you were not satisfied with the previous lamp (its brightness, color, shape) or if you are using an image intensifier tube for the first time, then I recommend choosing the appropriate model in our online store, you can also follow the news in the world of bulbs on our twitter! Types of lamp caps:
    image2) О screwing in the lamp narration
    So, at the moment you have already selected and purchased the lamp. A logical question arises: what to do next? The answer is brilliantly simple - you need to screw the bulb into the cartridge! If you have chosen the right bulb, then this will not be more difficult, you just need to carefully insert the bulb into the cartridge and slightly twist clockwise to turn it. If the bulb does not fit under the cartridge, then the editorial board of our Twitter recommends changing it to an analog with a suitable base. Attention, adhere to safety precautions and carefully read the instructions and datasheets before installing the necessary lamp. Well, that’s all, I hope this lesson turned out to be useful to you. If you have questions, ask in the comments, do not be shy! And do not forget to follow the news on our twitter, good luck!

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