Does Rospechat sponsor alternative VIM and RIF?

    Since 2006, the Federal Law “On the Placement of Orders for the Supply of Goods, Performance of Work, and the Provision of Services for State and Municipal Needs” has been in force in our country . Reading this law, as well as entering its name on the first attempt, is not an easy task, therefore I will formulate the main idea here: the process of procurement by the state of goods and services for their needs should be open so that all potentially interested suppliers can offer their goods, and state - choose the best offer with the best price.

    Even an event so significant for the Runet as the All-Russian Internet Marathon 2010 cannot escape a competitive fate if the state decides to pour gold rain on its organizers from budget (that is, ours) money.

    The state in the person of Rospechat decided, the marathon did not escape, the competition for the right to prepare and conduct it was announced on February 11 with the deadline for accepting applications on March 16. But already on February 17, Rospechat could not stand the tension of the intrigue and announced (the text was deleted from the Rospechat website, but a copy was kept in the archives of the search engines ): the marathon with the support of Rospechat is held by ROCIT.

    The competition for government support continued, as it were, which suggested two scenarios:
    - in March, it will be officially announced who won the Rospechat competition for organizing a marathon organized by ROCIT;
    - Someone (not ROCIT) will win the Rospechat contest, and we will have a holiday - just two All-Russian Internet marathons in 2010.

    Well, let's fantasize, which scenario is more likely? Dare, the correct answer is already known, but you won’t get anything for the wrong assumption, the budget money will still go from the budget, doesn’t it matter whose jacket is sewn on that pocket?

    I suspect that most of you, like myself, did not guess the correct answer. Three applications were submitted to the contest at once from organizations fiercely fighting for the right to receive assistance in holding the marathon: RAEC, ROCIT and LLC Art Style Media. So what if the legal address of everyone is the same, and the names of the leaders coincide “up to the third decimal place”, no one said that three heads of “Gorynych Snake” cannot participate in the competition at once, each of them as an independent participant.

    You will laugh, but the winner of the competition was not ROCIT at all, but even LLC, which now, apparently, will have to organize a second marathon, and Rospechat - to announce that both are held with its support: one with financial support, the second just with support such as a blessing.

    If you are not tired of reading about the entertaining adventures of budget money allocated by Rospechat for the benefit of the Runet, there is no less interesting story, connected not with the All-Russian Internet marathon, but with the Russian Internet forum.

    Rospechat also at the competition (but how could it be otherwise), in which all the same three independent participants took a fierce participation, allocated funds for RIF-2010, about which every runeto is known in advance: it has been organized by ROCIT for many years in a row. But - a surprise - the same LLC became the winner of the Rospechat competition.

    In the story with RIF, there is one more small, but very piquant detail: the condition of the corresponding competition(and, accordingly, receiving a state-owned certificate) there was free access to the forum, and ROCIT announced that from this year its participants will have to purchase entrance tickets.

    We, of course, understand that there is no ugly conflict here: tickets will need to be purchased on the forum according to the version of ROCIT, and on the forum with the same name according to the version of Art Style Media LLC in no case.

    True, there is also a third scenario, which I have not mentioned before: a large-caliber device will be put in charge of all inconsistencies and our suspicions about them, VIM and RIF will traditionally be held in a single copy, and next year new “contests” will be announced »With a known result.

    We fantasize again, and imagine that we are not satisfied with such treatment of our money. Not just not happy, but we are ready to do something to prevent this from happening, let alone not repeat from year to year. What will be the fantasies?

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