IPad Closed System

Original author: Tom Conlon
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Remember that revolutionary Apple 1984 commercial ? The one where a woman throws a hammer at Big Brother. He foreshadowed us a new era of freedom, which will be possible thanks to the Mac. Much time has passed since then, and now the imperious all-knowing face on the huge screen belongs to Steve Jobs, who is holding an iPad in his hands.
We are on the verge of a bleak future, the countdown of which gave the appearance of a tablet from Apple. And do not underestimate the seriousness of what is happening. That personal computer that we use now can sink into oblivion.
The problem is not in the bad camera, and not in the OLED display, or even the lack of Flash. The problem is that Apple is trying to promote its closed and very limited system. It would seem, why you can not use OS X on the iPad? Of course, performance is one of the reasons. But, really, the whole point is the excessive openness of OS X. You can download and install any programs, you can watch movies and television broadcasts, buy and listen to music in the way that suits you. In addition, you can delve into the file system. But all this you can not do on the iPhone OS and, therefore, on the iPad.
All actions on the iPad are performed only with permission from Apple. And if it is given, then you need to work your way through iTunes or MobileMe. From all this, the company earns revenue, but most importantly, it can also manage content. On OS X, Apple cannot block access to applications that it does not like, or with which it competes. But, as you know, she can do it on the iPhone and, accordingly, on the iPad, which also uses the App Store.
So, iPhone OS moved to an even more computer device. Here we can prepare documents, presentations, that is, perform tasks that we previously trusted in the computer. And here we are in danger. Replacing once a personal computer with a device with a closed system, we will replace freedom and choice with oppression, censorship and monopoly. We will have to buy programs in the App Store, and if Apple does not want to give us the opportunity to use any of them, such as Google Voice, Skype, Flash, or Microsoft Word, then it will be so. Well, multitasking will be in the past. That sounds good.
Of course, Appleā€™s desire to transplant us on the iPhone OS is frustrating. And Apple fans will bring a rebuttal to this theory, some of which are fully justified. But it is difficult to argue with the merits of an open system, which is opposed to a closed one.
I do not want all of the above to be true. So let's be careful with the iPad. Take your time to throw away your laptops.

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