Stingy news lines The

    head of the Moscow firefighting service, Colonel Yevgeny Chernyshev, died during a fire in a business center in the north of Moscow. A few seconds before the roof collapsed, he personally took out a group of people from the fire, and then returned to the flaming building.

    Chief. Colonel Saturday ... He did not stay at home; he honestly and completely fulfilled his duty. I believe that he is a hero. And not just a hero, but a Hero of Russia.

    What can we, simple system administrators, programmers, developers, SEO specialists, IT specialists do?

    Write: to the
    President -
    to the State Duma -
    to the Public Chamber
    appeal with a request to assign Evgeny Chernyshev the title of Hero of Russia. Posthumously.

    PS The experience of communication with state bodies and their representatives shows that there are a vanishingly small number of such people. Therefore, the news personally shocked me deeply. I did not believe that there were any.

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