Giant pliers in the sky on Google Street View

    No matter how pointless this may sound, Giant Pliers were fixed in the sky over England. You can verify and review them live here . If you follow the route a little, you can see that the Pliers accompanied the Google Street View car for a while.

    Judging by recent events, diluting photos of the area with unusual things has already become fashionable with map providers. Recently there were deer elks in Kiev from Yandex . Today it’s Giant Pliers in England from Google :)

    UPD : Apparently, this is not the first post about pliers on Habré. Unfortunately, I could not find other posts by a normal search (I searched both for the word "pliers" and for the word "pliers"). As MiXei4 wrote in the commentsmost likely, the remaining topics were hidden by the authors, and therefore are not found. In general, I will leave the current topic in order to avoid duplication of this post by at least those who use the search.

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