Podcast No. 2 Two Woodpeckers from Policom Pro

    1. Dr.Web Firewall is a new component in Dr.Web products for protecting Windows workstations. Dr.Web ATM Shield is a new product for protecting ATMs and other embedded computer systems
    2. Nine out of ten supercomputers use open source software.
    The problem of using open source software. What will happen to the First Aid project (software for schools).
    3. A new version of the PROMT translator has been released
    4. Tenders. Rostelecom lost 1 billion rubles due to Synterra. Competition in the Ministry of Taxes and Taxes for 800 million rubles.
    5. 25 most influential leaders in 2009 according to CRN (Computer Resellers News)
    6. Moscow. Workshop on choosing the best solution for acquiring Microsoft software on March 26.
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