Windows Phone 7: goodbye, copy-paste support

Original author: Chris Ziegler
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imageReady for a new copy-paste holivar that will excite the masses for another year or two? Excellent. Microsoft has just said as part of the MIX10 Q & A that under no circumstances will the WP7 Series support the clipboard ... well. It's pretty ironic that in the good old WM, this functionality has been from the beginning of time, isn't it? Of course, anything is possible, and the company’s employees have already said that they are thinking about some improvements that were not included in the first release of the platform, but do not expect that on the first phones (which you bought =) you will copy something between applications .

Microsoft has already absolutely and irrevocably confirmed that the WP7 Series will not support copy and paste. The text-processing API has a built-in data-detection service that will recognize phone numbers and addresses, but, according to Microsoft, most users, including Office users, do not really need clipboard functionality. Well ... do we respectfully disagree? Of course, we will calm down on this.

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