Severe admins Rostransnadzor

    Eighteen months ago, looking for some information on the Internet, I ended up on the Rostransnadzor website . It was difficult to recall how the circumstances developed, but for some reason I decided to register on the site.

    After completing the registration and logging in, I noticed a strange: on the page appeared (as I understood a short time later) content controls (some of them are marked):


    After making a few clicks on the links, I found out that the period of activity of technical support and updates ended on 12/24/2008 (more than a year ago). It seems that the funds for the extension of the site support to Rostransnadzor were no longer allocated:


    To make sure that I’m not sleeping, I changed the number of news displayed in the middle column from five to three on the main page of the site, and from 5 to 7 in the left in the section “Recent Documents” (not visible in the picture):


    Having finally made sure that the usual registration on the specified state website ended with obtaining elevated rights sufficient to make changes to the contents of the site, he wrote several emails to the addresses that could be found.

    Mr. Kozyrev with a mailing address in the domain, answered 12 hours later, thanked for the letter and promised to take action. But the gentlemen from (it seems that they are related to the maintenance of the site, I don’t remember now) were not so polite and gave an answer only after 3 days:

    Good afternoon, The

    user could not take any action on the Rostransnadzor website using this panel (apart from the changes that I described and those that could possibly have been made - approx.).
    The situation with user access to control panel items has been fixed.

    Regards ...

    The last documents in the left column of the site to this day are seven. This is all because “... using this panel, the user could not have any actions on the Rostransnadzor website” :-)

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