How did we get an understanding

    Almost immediately after starting work on the AVO application, which would allow users not to care more about roaming, we encountered a problem of misunderstanding on the part of users: what it is and how it can work in general. The first thing that occurred to us. This is to shoot a video that would clearly show the principle of the application.


    It was during the Startup Weekend in Chisinau. On the first day of the event, we created MVP and began to prepare for the presentation. Remembering now that presentation, I understand that it was just awful, and only thanks to the video shot “on my knees” did we take second place.

    After some time, we were taken to the Tolstoy Startup Camp. Despite the fact that by that time we had made great progress in terms of development, the problem with delivering value was still there. The first two weeks of our stay at the camp, few people were able to explain what we do and what good it is. Endless intermediate presentations, at the end of which we heard the same questions such as “but how is this different from Skype and Viber?” did not give confidence. Unfortunately or fortunately, the previously shot video was not suitable for demonstration in Yandex, partly because it was made for Moldovan viewers (the abbreviation MD on the video), partly because. that we wanted to do something more professional this time.

    If the first video was shot in two doubles on a tablet fixed in the hands of a non-drinking guy, then this time we decided to get more serious: we borrowed a camera, a cameraman and all free hands from the GloberLand team (Masha Terkina, Vanya Bulatov and Anton Nikaev, peeled off a green curtain from the doorway, secured the camera on two chairs and began to take off.

    This time everything was shot in several versions, with different pictures and a sequence of actions. We decided that this option is the most successful. But it so happened that until this moment this video was not shown to the general public, it was not even voiced. During the final presentation, we did without him. As a result, we received a grant from Yandex and continued to work on the product.

    The first two videos were shot in one shot, without editing, and because of this video was long and boring.

    The closer we got closer to the commercial release date (naturally this date was postponed several times, not without it), the stronger was the fear that we would not be able to convey to potential users the value that our product could bring them.

    I wanted to create a video that was both understandable, and viral, and selling. But, since keeping up with several rabbits at the same time is unrealistic, it was decided to shoot two videos: one with an emphasis on virality, the other a more commercial one. I think it will be easy to guess who is who:

    But despite this, we continued to be asked questions regarding the difference from Skype / Viber and what are the benefits of using AVO in conditions when operators provide roaming packages. In an attempt to answer once and for all of these questions, we made 2 infographics:



    Now, every time someone asked similar questions, we simply showed infographics. And everything became clear.

    After the release, we encountered another problem. As it turned out, the procedure for registering and setting up the application is not so simple for the average person: you need to exit the application, find some kind of contact there, “call” to incomprehensible numbers ... Because of this, the conversion in registration was extremely low: a little more than 55%. We realized that it would not be possible to quickly change the logic of the application at this stage, so we decided to shoot a series of videos in which we would show users how to use the application. So far in this series there are only 2 videos:

    A week later, after we posted the first video on the channel, the conversion in registration began to grow. Now it is about 73%. I think if our partners for SMS delivery had not let us down, then it could have been in the region of 80%.

    We are aware that pictures and videos will not solve all problems, and we continue to work on fixing the bug and improving the product. In one of the following updates we will have a new design and additional functions. I hope that we will be able to solve the problem of configuration complexity, or at least make it understandable.

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