Gmail Email Encryption in Firefox

    There are many tasty and different services that collect information about users more and more: their hobbies, contact lists, business activity, lists of friends, receipt of funds, all about business. Sometimes the same Gmail can know more about a person than the person himself, sorry for the tautology. Of course, we think that there is nothing to hide, all honest people, though when the information collected totals thousands of people, we are already starting to think.

    Suppose there is an organization that has several people and uses Google Apps connected to a corporate domain for correspondence . Documents, passwords, birthdays, schedules, the history of communication through Google Talk , the history of search queries, all the activities of plankton, almost any action is stored in the depths of Google . Why is Google moving so aggressively? He simply knows how to predict events, using people as computing power and a source of information. Okay Google - we’ve already reconciled, in the Russian underground, hacking of competitors' electronic mailboxes is quite common, literally for 10 bucks , I can break any mailbox in the .ru zone. I’ve already seen how many reputable organizations open electronic mailboxes in the free zones svetochka.ufzt [dot] (the address is fictitious), and the password is birthday. And everyone somehow massively forgot about encryption of electronic correspondence, about electronic signatures. Even in government agencies, the state is generally deplorable, all computers are overgrown with viruses, and government agencies email is used to send Trojans and spam, register with classmates and in contact, updates of databases and copies of orders of documents come to these mailboxes, etc. P. If a similar box is hacked about the organization, I can find out almost everything and a pack of guards will not help, because mail is not encrypted and is not protected by anything.

    Now about email encryption Gmail inFirefox , paranoia above is like an introduction.
    So, we have a Gmail inbox to which you need to screw the encryption and Firefox browser as the main one.
    1. Download and install for Windows - gpg4win , for Linux install the package - GnuPG (Ubuntu sudo apt-get install gnupg gpa ), for MacOS - Mac GPG

    2. Download and install the extension to Firefox - FireGPG .

    3. The setup wizard window appears. Enter the path to PGP, in this case:
    C: \ Program Files \ GNU \ GnuPG \ gpg2.exe

    4. Enter the name, mailbox, password, key expiration date, encryption type.

    5. Set the default parameters.

    Now we go to the mailbox and write a letter to ourselves. Click send, a window appears with a key selection, after which you will need to enter a password for Gmail.

    One letter is received, open and a window appears with a password.

    The letter has been successfully decrypted.

    It remains only to copy the key and transfer it in any safe way.

    UPD: For greater security, you must disable autosave in Gmail:
    In Firefox Tools -> FirePGP -> Gmail ->
    - disable autosave
    - encrypt responses to encrypted messages
    About configuring FireGPG under FreeBSD: freebsd-firegpg

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