Your Radio is another free way to listen to radio

    Your radioInteresting in some people, thoughts converge. Just a day before the  announcement of freelast radio, I sent for moderation my application, which actually does the same, but, in my opinion, does a slightly better job.

    As you know, service provides a personalized radio service: choose an artist - listen to people like him. Previously, this service was free, now they ask for money. Yes, three dollars is not so much, but  still I want a free alternative. Yes, and there was a desire to write something like that.

    Your Radio ” is an IFrame application for the VKontakte social network», Which selects similar tracks using the API, searches the huge music database and plays them  non-stop .

    What can it do?
    - Play artists similar to the specified.
    - Or tracks from the  top 50 of the specified artist in random order.
    - Play music by genre (tag).
    - Play songs similar to the one selected from the user's collection.
    - Keep a list of your favorite radio stations.
    - Pause playback.

    And the input of the Cyrillic alphabet into Linux works correctly. Here.

    Your radio

    In my opinion, “Your Radio” is more accurate than freelast, selects tracks and has more functionality. True, there is no scrobbling and until it is gone. Rewinding songs is also unlikely to appear, but this is not in the’s original radio. But in my application there is a pause button.

    HTML5 support

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