Synchronizing message history between computers in IM (ICQ, Jabber and etc)

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    In this "article" I would like to tell you about the universal synchronization of message history in IM clients. It is worth considering that all this is trivial and simple, but for many people who need it, for some reason they don’t know how to do it.

    Therefore, if you have a need for this, read on ...

    Many of us work not only at work, but also at home. And someone does not discuss working issues at work, and not just at home. And in this regard, it often becomes necessary to look at the message history of a particular contact, but alas, correspondence was carried out at work (at home), and you are now at home (at work).

    In order for your correspondence history to be always with you, you need to do just a couple of steps.
    I will explain using DropBox as an example. I would like to immediately note the fact that it is quite possible to use another alternative service with similar functionality.

    Go to the Dropbox service

    • We register and perform standard operations during registration.
    • Next, we are invited to download specials. Client and select (create) a folder for synchronization. We do it.
    • Next, create the IM folder (you can call it another way). For example, I have it as follows: e: \ My Dropbox \ IM \
    • Go to your favorite IM client. Go to the settings.
    • We select the default folder there to store the message history that we created earlier (for example, e: \ My Dropbox \ IM \ QIP, e: \ My Dropbox \ IM \ Trillian \ and the like depending on your IM client).
    • Save the settings.
    • We do the same with IM clients at home (at work).

    Voila - now every time you go from work to IM client, you will have access to what you wrote at home, and vice versa!

    It is worth considering that the client itself is better not to put it in such a “synchronization folder”. Nobody forbids this, but there is no sense as such. For then the settings will be identical, etc. In general, there may be more problems than advantages.

    Let's list the advantages of this system:
    1. Your single message history is always available to you wherever you are. The main thing is to have access to the IM client and DropBox service. If the story is stored in txt (html) files, then it can be viewed directly through the browser.
    2. If you suddenly formatted the system, but forgot to “backup” - the history will not be lost.

    But, of course, there are also disadvantages:
    1. This is traffic. The larger the history of messages with a specific contact, the more traffic. Somewhere 10 megabytes do not play a role, but somewhere 10 megabytes costs 100 rubles.
    2. If they hack DropBox, they will get access to your entire correspondence. There is already a security issue.

    That's all. As I said above - everything is very simple)

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