Hole sellers

    “No need to sell drills, just holes to feed.”
    Business saying.

    This article is a test to look at the iPhone from a different angle.
    In just a few years, the phone released by a company that had nothing to do with it got wildly popular. Why?

    Comic comparisons with a stone makes you think.
    The constant announcements of new “killer iphone” are often the only and latest information about them.

    What is Apple selling under the guise of an iPhone?

    Apple sells software.
    Even more. Apple sells accessibility, convenience, pleasure from the realization of desires,

    Take at least the iPad, for example.

    A lot of abuse, a lot of controversy, disappointment, because the iPhone will be on the iPad OS, not Mac OS X. The inaccessibility of a bunch of programs (and features) upsets.
    so why does a “bad” apple not give us this opportunity?

    Maybe because user will not be able to use these programs without annoyance? You draw some complex / small element in Photoshop with your finger ... and cover it with it from you. You select an item in the menu / put a tick on it and don’t see it ...
    False positives ... This infuriates / upsets the user.
    A frustrated user is a bad business.

    The “finger-oriented interface” is different from others we know.
    The necessary new controls, new ways of communication / work with the user.
    We need a completely new OS, new programs ...

    Intuitive interface.

    “Psychologists have established that the understanding of oral speech occurs as a result of the
    perception of speech and its comprehension. There shouldn’t be any unfamiliar words in the text ... ”

    An interface is actually a language for communicating with a device.
    If your interlocutor understands half of the words you have spoken, then from all that was said, he will not understand ... nichrome. If he accepts 90% of the words, he will understand only half.

    The same buttons are familiar to us. Therefore, poking a finger at one of them on the desktop is much more understandable than doing double-click on the icon.


    How important is infrastructure for the iPhone OS?
    Imagine that there is no Apple App Store, iTutes Store.
    Users almost screamed for two years: where are the programs ?, give us them!
    What is this OS without programs ?! ? !!
    It is necessary to encourage the development of software: IDE, SDK, ...

    But the main hit is the AppStore - a supermarket of applications.
    You don’t have to go around the shops and bazaars for hours looking for the right thing.
    Supermarket ... two myilliards of downloaded applications ...
    Blackbery, Android, where are you?

    An abstract example:

    “Racing around the city well in a car, you can also take a bus, but not that.”

    Take a regular user’s computer and replace Intel with AMD, MSI with Gigabite, nVidea with ATI. double the memory and the hard drive three. No one [almost] will notice the difference.

    Now put Linux instead of Windows, Open Office instead of MS Office, and replace VKontakte with Facebook.


    iPhone is an OS for users and infrastructure, and very little hardware. (somewhere 60 to 30 to 10 IMHO)

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