Fraudsters have moved to a new level

    A message has just arrived from a good friend, in general, here's a dialogue:

    Hello! How are you? :-)
    Hello Nastik !!! Everything is fine!!!
    in general, the topic is real, be sure to try!
    Loot goes to the account :) What NexL
    you will send smsku 21333626 to number 5121 I’ve got loot about 160 rubles on the phone))) While it’s working, I need to use it! ..
    I’m leaving. We will write ...
    how to call your husband?

    I decided to find out how much it actually costs sms?
    I send a question mark to 5121. The response comes as follows:
    The cost of outgoing SMS to 5152: 270.93 rubles. VAT included.; The cost of an incoming SMS is 0.00 rubles. incl . VAT, content provider First Alternative CJSC, tel .: 74953631427, WEB .

    In general, Fraudsters switched to Interactive Communication!
    Be carefull!

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