IT table, another bike ... (this is not ideal, but an average universal table)

    The voting is over , the results are summed up, the table is drawn ...

    Final conclusions

    based on 117 votes, the

    table structure should be monolithic with small movable (the best option is the extension of the countertop) and additional (monitor mount) elements.

    Material Standard - chipboard and steel tubes (shelf).

    Color: there are no comrades for him (as well as for taste), everyone chooses his favorite. Preferred are standard colors.

    The location of the system unit from the bottom, next to the legs.

    The table top is wide.

    The main place is expanded for: 2-3 monitors, 1 keyboard, laptop (or second keyboard), there should also be space for a printer and scanner.

    There must be extra spacewhere to put your hands (not on all chairs or armchairs with comfortable armrests), a locker of size A3 +

    A monitor mount should be an additional option. No one needs a

    keyboard mount .

    Rubber grommets are highly desirable (shown in light gray: worktop and shelf is almost entirely covered).

    Convenience should be enhanced: no retractable keyboard stand, built-in socket (not shown, location is discussed), holes for wires.

    Here is the graph:

    Look at the table from all sides
    Download the model in Google SketchUp 7 with all real dimensions - it’s enough to assemble one for yourself or order an assembly from professionals.

    PS: The corner at the back of the left side of the table was bitten off so that it would be easier to wipe (and the inclined board is for the legs).
    PS No. 2: This study and the table itself are the results of free creativity and do not apply to advertising, offers of production or cooperation, trendy innovation, etc. This design can be freely used.

    UPDATE No. 1: If suddenly there is a craftsman, I can help with marking the chipboard under the cut.

    UPDATE No. 2: I repeat, this is not an ideal, but an average universal table.

    UPDATE No. 3: Apparently the majority still sees the “ideal” differently, something like this:

    Also popular now: